Creative Parties, Creative Science Parties.


FAQs Please refer to the below for our answers to our most frequently-asked-questions.

How much does it cost?

Cost is £20 per head. There is a minimum spend of £200

How many can take part?

We operate from a relatively small shop premises in East Dulwich, so numbers are typically 10-16 participants + one or two parents. On Sundays, we have more space to store coats, food, presents etc due to the piano room at the back being vacant. We have catered successfully for parties of up to of 18!

In addition to hosting at our shop, we offer a mobile service at your own home or venue of your choice.

Minimum spend for this service is £300.

What is included? 

Each participant will receive tuition and all materials required to design and print their own tee shirt or bag, which they will be able to wear/ take home at the end of the session. Everyone will also make/take away a complimentary spin-painting. The host parents or carers will also receive free teas and coffees and are welcome to try their hand at spin-painting.

Can we bring food/ cake?

A party is not a party without some party snacks and a cake! Please feel free to bring these, as well as paper plates, cups etc. I recommend that these are served after all the activities are completed, whilst I am folding and packing the tee shirts, just before the parents come to pick up. We can order in Pizza for you if required. It keeps things simpler if you bring cash to pay the delivery driver directly.

How long does it last?

Sessions are booked in as a two-hour basic activity but may run over slightly. Naturally, larger groups may take a bit longer than smaller ones.

What ages is it suitable for?

We recommend ages of 4years+ to get the most out of the session. There is no upper age limit. Parents are welcome to take part too and make their own self-designed tee shirt. For the younger end of the spectrum, we supply pre-cut templates which can be selected and arranged to make up a design. We can accept one or two siblings of the host in the 2-4 age group as part of a larger booking for £10 per head.

Do we all have to have the same colour tee shirts?

Though not essential, it is far easier if everyone has the same colour tee shirt. It avoids argument on the day, makes the choice of printed colour easier and also results in my ordering being significantly easier and cheaper. A surcharge of £1 per head is made for orders of different colours to reflect the increased cost.

Is any protective clothing necessary?

Most of the activity is the preparation of a stencil which requires paper and pencil, scissors or in case of older participants, scalpels. The spin painting uses water-washable paints. The actual printing phase uses a fabric ink, which once dried and heat-cured is wash-fast. I keep very close supervision of this part, and if instructions are followed closely, no ink will be transferred to clothing.  I recommend that ties are removed or tucked in and very loose sleeves are rolled up to prevent accidental contact. I can supply an apron if there are any concerns on this point.

Can we bring our own music?

We have a Bose iPod dock for those wishing to bring their own music. Alternatively we can play audio CD’s or mp3s on memory sticks etc on our computers. Or bring your own portable music device.

Do we cater for those with disabilities/ special needs?

We are a caring business and as such will always try to meet the needs of those with special needs. We are on the ground floor, so access is possible by wheelchair, though a lack of space would limit the number of wheelchair users per session. The lavatory is probably a bit small to be easily accessed by wheelchair users. Please contact me to discuss specific requirements.

Can we do themed parties?

We provide a range of printed material for the making of templates, which should be suitable for all ages, interests. If you have specific themes, designs in mind which you would like to explore, please mention at the time of booking, and I will try to source or design material to meet your needs. Eg Superheroes,  cars/planes, Movie stars, Pop groups etc.

Candy Floss

We offer the option of candy floss as a grand finale to the session, which is usually met with huge excitement. The machine I use makes very light, fluffy floss containing around one and a half teaspoons of sugar, so much less than a glass of fresh apple juice for example. There is usually a choice of blue or pink.

Candy Floss Factoid! The patents for the original name variants of fairy floss and cotton candy were both filed by dentists! The candy floss contains traces of colour. Please let me know if you would prefer white (no added colour)


2 responses

  1. Kate


    I wondered if you had any availability for Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th September for my daughters 9th birthday?


    May 11, 2019 at 6:13 pm

    • Hi, Kate. Thank you for your enquiry. Those dates will be fine. Please could you drop me a line at and I’ll deal with it from there. Best regards, Lou.

      May 11, 2019 at 6:16 pm

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