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Lou Smith

Lou Smith

Lou Smith is a multimedia artist, living and working in South London for over twenty-five years.

Much of his work is inspired by wildlife found in and around the parks and urban green spaces of his locale, with occasional added spice from his travels further afield.

His  screen-printing is exclusively derived from his own photographic study of birds, animals and plants which in itself is a long-standing obsession.

“I have come to screen-printing rather recently and have embraced it as a fresh and exciting way to produce tangible works from my photographic practice.”

Lou produces all his prints by hand from his Peckham workshop and his home in East Dulwich using a combination of modern digital technology and traditional screen-printing methods.

The screens are even exposed using natural sunlight. “even the most expensive exposure system is basically emulating the sun, I quite like the archaic method, and the screens it produces are far more durable than with the lights I was using.

Just don’t talk to me when I’m standing holding a screen up to the sun, whilst counting the seconds in my head, trying to compensate for passing clouds etc”

“I find the introduction of the ‘analogue’ final hand-printing process allows for subtle variations in the finished product, which reinforces the nature of the designs themselves”

If you would like to buy any of the items on these pages, would like to discuss getting your own ideas printed, or are interested in hosting a screen-printing workshop for adults or children, please contact me.


tel.  07940 401983


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