Screen-printing parties, Hand-made products.


Selected   Captured on the Rye  lines are available at our online shop.


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Captured on the Rye  lampshades and other products are hand-made in small runs and sold through selected outlets in SE London;

East Dulwich.     Captured on the Rye,  

85 Pellatt Road, London SE22 9JD.

Home to the brand, all items stocked here or can be made to order.

Dulwich Village:   Jane Newbery,

33 Dulwich Village ,London. SE21 7BN

Crystal Palace:   Bookseller Crow ,

50 Westow Street Crystal Palace, London. SE19 3AF

 Crow Design Lampshades and Tee Shirts

Southwark: Orso Major Art,

19 Lower Marsh SE1 7RJ London


One response

  1. Mrs Elaine Smith

    I would like to order a t shirt for my brother. Problem is how big do your t shirts come up. Are they fitted or loose. He will be 50 so its a ideal birthday pressie. Thank you

    January 24, 2014 at 12:50 pm

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